Welcome to the New Year

Happy New Year and all that jazz. Welcome to the month of making resolutions that we’ll break 95% of within two months, tops. To overcast skies, snow everywhere, nasty slick roads, and subzero temps. Huh, there must be something positive to say about January…

Ah, yes. The days are getting longer! Yay! And there’s lots of sales going around… Yup, well, anyhow. I might be feeling a little sarcastic this year due to various circumstances.

Erased Resolutions Here

Just a heads up to anyone who cares, I’ll be taking down the rough draft version of A Gift of a Name sometime this month, because I’m going to publish a longer and more polished version. I think I’m about on the eighth draft right now, and the amount of red marks to fix up this time around is rather scary.

Honestly, the initial draft was very rough, as it was kind of more an author’s note sketch of how the family came to serve the vampire in the first place. I never really intended to polish it or add to it. My friend Hera gets most of the blame, ahem, CREDIT for changing my mind, complaining repeatedly that there should be more to it, that it should be longer.


Oops, almost forgot.  Here’s an excerpt from something a little more recent:

“Are you still drunk?”

Efraine nodded amiably. “Probably. You’re all warm. ‘Zsooo nice. I hate the cold, or the col’ hates me.” He rubbed his cheek against Aedelstan’s chest, and wiggled a little. “Sooo warm.”

“Sit still unless you want me to take you to bed and f**k you silly.”

“Wou’n’t mind.” He scratched his nose. “An’ I’m already silly. Even I can tell that.”

“Hm. ‘Elmar, carry him to bed, if you will.”

Puzzled, he finally spotted the boy in the doorway.

“Of course, father.”

Then he realized what had been said. “Noooooooo!” He flung his arms around Aedelstan’s neck. “Is not fair! I wasn’t moving! No, no, no!” Tears came involuntarily, and he sniffled against Aedelstan’s throat.

“For fire’s sake!” Aedelstan grumbled. “Oh, stop laughing, Aedelmar.”


[Efraine’s a demon, and the other two are devai.]