Random Chatter

Quent puts a lot of emphasis into getting Boy to serve him. In part, this is because Quent is a natural bossy boots. Being from a rich family and being a vampire just makes him worse. It’s a vampire culture thing to have a servant or helot. Most vampires don’t have them, but having one does come with some social kudos. To have one at Quent’s age is …impressive.

Quent is at an age where control is hard bought. Vampires have few kids, not so much because of their lifespan, which is longer than humans by quite a bit, but because many vampires hit the equivalent of their teens and suddenly have barely controllable urges to prey on humans. Well, humans or pretty much anything not vampire. Many vampire teens go feral and have to be put down when they start killing for a drink. Even impolite vampires aren’t fond of seeing their kids die because they couldn’t control themselves sufficiently. So vampires choose to have kids rarely. Unless a ‘tien ka’ [basically a human who can soothe the blood urges with mere touch, and the soothing lingers over time] is around, and then they all have kids, on the notion that at least their kids will have a fairly high chance of survival with a tien ka around to help them.

The difference between ‘polite vampires’ and ‘impolite vampires’ is that the polite ones are always careful not to harm those they snack on. The impolite ones are not so careful, and many are just this side of being rogues. About 2/3rds of vampires are ‘polite’, and vampire children from polite families have a much higher rate of making it through puberty without going rogue because much of the discipline needed is already instilled in them by the time they start experiencing blood urges.

Where was I before I rambled off? Oh. Despite the social kudos, that is not Quent’s motivation for picking Boy. Initially he wants him as a helot because of the taste of his blood. It doesn’t take him long to be intrigued by the challenge Boy presents. Quent has interacted with the citizens of his home city, but not very extensively, only as the protected son of a wealthy family. He’s actually fairly ignorant of what makes humans tick. Quent does know enough, however, to know that it is unusual that Boy hasn’t attempted to sic the townspeople on him despite obviously thinking he’s a supernatural monster.


The crocus and onions are up, the birds [other than ravens and canadian geese] are singing, and the critters want out for the first time in months. Time change and spring equinox have come and gone, and today the violets started blooming. It’s official, spring has come! Even if more snows are expected in the next couple months.